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Welcome to the OGz!


Welcome to the OGz Website!
Welcome to the home of Old Guyz gaming group.  This once infamous army (was never a clan) of older gamers has been through its ups and downs and many consoles and games. We always were a COD and Battlefield gaming group of mature gamers looking for a place to kick back and have some fun but with an element of ethics (no hacking, cheating, boosting etc) and we have a rule..never leave an OG behind. We have let the group dwindle a bit as we lost a bit of momentum and when I say WE I mean WE...its only as good as the community it serves. We hope to revive the site and group, if nothing else to be able to have each others backs and a laugh in the process. We were the original COD/BF OG's (OG) but decided with many other (OG) pop ups to change to OGz as our army tag. Why are we an army? well, we arent that serious..make no mistake we like to win :-) but we are more into it for the camaraderie than anything else. So..Welcome! and make yourself at home...the site is only going to work if we all contribute.

If you are seeing this page:
Then either you really took a drunken stumble off of the internet train, or you got a link from a current OG.  Feel free to play around, and see what you think.  If you have any suggestions on what to add/remove, please, fire away. We accept older gamers of any sex or persuasion who enjoy a game or want to help a brother/sister out...on PS3, PS4, WiiU and PC...Maybe even open it up to Xbox next?

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6 hours ago
We've reached a record number of members, currently: 150
6 hours ago Neverdal_Jr just joined our community, welcome!
4 days ago
We've reached a record number of members, currently: 150
4 days ago Abaris696 just joined our community, welcome!
5 days ago Mortis_Thig just joined our community, welcome!
22nd Jan skogge
It would be nice with OG clan on ps4/ firewall zero hour vr. Like using the good old wiizapper but in 3d vr.
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23rd Jan Bubba Fett with skogge
Long time no see, used to play with you on the Wii, was roundeye or jimjimney. Get a PC, consoles suck
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4th Feb Rexnitro
REMEMBER To apply, you first need to register with iclans. You will then receive and email (also check junk). Use the link that is provided (email is used to verify email) to re-sign in. Once signed in click members tab (underneath the banner on the right) and choose "Join us!" Click that and fill out the application. Please post if you have issues on here or discord and we'll try to help get it situated. Easiest and fastest way to solve a problem is through contact with iclanwebsites--> https://www.iclanwebsites ... .com/contact/ or their support email is -->
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4th Feb Kawa47NL was accepted through the application Application form for the OG army
3rd Feb Kawa47NL has applied through the recruitment application Application form for the OG army
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